Our Mission

Our mission is to help you find harmony, help you heal the source of the problem and not merely the pain in itself. Using Reiki and Emotional Freedom Techniques, we will help you receive a sense of balance and positivity in your life, harmonizing the source of your problems anb bring back balance and wellness in all area body, mind and spirit. Whether it is a one-on-one healing session hands on or remotely, you may achieve your peace and the healing you need.

We also want you to learn how to do it yourself, so we offer healing workshops. This way you can take healing into your own hands. We want to send a message out there into the world about the holistic healing possibilities that exist and through which we can achieve a better life with fewer complications, frowns and more smiles & happy times. It may sound impossible or too dreamy, but it can be achieved and our story proves it.

About Me - Kamakshi (Brigette)


We spoke about our mission, but now we’re going to tell you why and how we got to that mission.

Hello! I am Kamakshi, the founder of Healing Planet. Thank you for choosing to read these lines and find out more about me. I assure you it’s not a waste of time. I am from India, but moved to Singapore in 2008. I was a very curious child, very intuitive and had a good sense of the world around me. Holistic healing was something I have been interested in all my life, ever since my childhood.

I first experienced Reiki in 2009 and it was something out of this world, something I couldn’t explain then, but knew right away it was something I had to pursue further on in my life. I was working in IT at that time and I was suffering from all ”the perks” of the job, namely: stress, anxiety, fear, also the responsibility of motherhood and the guilt that I was not devoting enough time to my kid. I was fighting with thyroid issues and also strong emotional issues. Reiki helped and improved my life. It helped me work with my emotional problems, also made me realize that I have a choice regarding what I do with my life and that I can let go of all the stress and anxiety and pursue the healing path.

So, my choice was this: learn the Reiki ways & help my family and friends, find their inner balance as well. I had a very simple ambition: develop, grow! I started learning and growing both professionally and personally. I met inspiring people that contributed to my training in Reiki and holistic healing and also meant a great deal for me, personally and for my personal development.
Apart from Reiki, I am also specialized in Meditation, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping. All are part of my healing journey and I’m happy to pass them on to everybody who wishes to change their life for the better.
My goal for 2018 is to reach to a lot more people with my healing services because I think what the world needs today is making the choice of living on a healing planet. It is not hard, it is not impossible. We just need to work towards it and I am willing to do so through my healing sessions and workshops.
Please contact +65 8139 0197 or email contact@healing-planet.com (@ Healing Planet, Telok Kurau, Lorong G) for private healing session, registering for private Reiki session, Reiki workshops, Reiki for Kids, weekly Reiki Share, EFT session and Meditation marathon.