Reiki level 1 workshop

This is foundation course to Reiki, it is a initiation into Reiki and open to anyone. Reiki Level 1 is first step to begin a new chapter in life. After Reiki 1 initiation, you will be able use Reiki to heal yourself, your loved ones and plants. This level gives your Reiki for your life. Reiki is a simple and natural way of getting healed, and improving your life.

Reiki level 1 - Kids

A Kid’s Reiki course is a one day workshop with more focus on play then lecturing. The time is given to allow each of the four attunements time to settle and the rest of the day is given to ‘Reiki’ play, games, interactive Reiki sessions, arts and craft.

Reiki Healing Group

Bi-Monthly Reiki session is open to Reiki students and complete beginners.  Please feel free to bring loved ones, who are new to Reiki as I offer a Heart attunement to anyone wishing to experience the Reiki energy flowing through their own hands.

Date and Time: Check Upcoming Events

​Contribution: $10

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