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Living life the Reiki way – Reiki Principles to Apply in Daily Life

1. Living in the Present

Our thoughts and state of mind usually leads us to our past or our future. What do you think; do you really live in the present? When you sit to relax and drink a cup of tea or coffee, do you think about future events, solving problems or going through some situation which has happened in the past?

i. Be Aware

When the person becomes aware of the present, usual daily routine becomes some kind of a magic. For example, when was the last time when you took a shower and really felt the sense of water? Have you ever tried to do it as if you hadn’t been able in the past month? Try this technique and you will realize how your bathroom becomes a wonderful spa & wellness resort.

ii. Mindfulness

You must have heard that millions of people in the Earth don’t have the access to pure and fresh water. But, have you heard that composition of water changes if you say just “Thank you”? Next time when you want to drink water, feel that glass or bottle. Feel the sensation of holding it in your hand and sense of flushing when you drink the water. When you stop doing things by the habit, and instead become aware and mindful, you will realize how happy you are.

2. Let Go of Anger

Why is this important? Because suppressing feelings might lead to more serious conditions. This is why you should recognize and deal with your emotions.

i. Know Your Emotions

What emotions you have and where & how long you have been storing them in your body? If you’re not sure how to answer this question, try to meditate. You should try to relax your body, breathe deeply and reach the state in which you don’t have any thoughts. This will give you an answer.

When you’re dealing with some kind of a negative emotions, you should allow them to pass through and release them. In this kind of situation, use affirmations and breath deeply.

3. Be Kind

As much as you think you know other human beings, you can’t actually meet everyone. Be kind because you never know what someone has been through. Don’t be judgmental and stop focusing on other people’s lives.

i. Start With Your Body, Your Being

Your body is the only temple you have for the rest of your life. Nourish it with positive thinking, meditations, affirmations, techniques and principles of living happily… And remember, every single day is a new chance to enjoy.

ii. Give Tools to Your Body

We often forget that our body knows how to heal itself. Have in mind that you can take your power back.

iii. Be Kind of Being Around

When practicing gratitude and kindness, do not be false about it. It will only be rewarding if you truly mean it. Rather than being kind because you hope it will benefit you, be kind for no other reason than kindness itself. Do not taint your ethics with selfishness.

4. Live Without Worry

There will always be some situations which you can’t control. Worries will not help solve anything. Become aware and know that everything happens for a reason.

5. Work Honestly and Diligently

Ask yourself today:

i. Which Path Am I Walking On?

Do you feel great when you wake up in the morning? Are you passionate about your job? Is this the way you want to go?

ii. It Is Not Only About Office Work

Yes, we work to pay our life costs such as food, rent and bills, to provide for our family… But remember, if you’re happy doing what you do, people around you will also be positive. It’s not just about work and money, it’s about the life path. You can choose to be sad, ill and desperate with lots of money, or happy with less.

6. Live With An Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude is the highest level of our state of mind. Be grateful every single day.