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Clear the Clutter, Life Becomes Better

In this new year, we are all looking for new choices. Some of us choose to quit bad habits like quitting smoking or drinking alcohol. Some of us decide to start exercising and live a healthier lifestyle. Someone will choose to read more books or meet and surround with some new and positive people. This time of the year is always a good incentive for the new resolutions, expectations and reaching out for the new opportunities.

Clutter is a big problem for most of us and it can manifest in various ways! Physical clutter leads to the emotional and relationship clutter and sometimes we’re just not feeling right. Clutter is a toxin which drains our energy. It can be physical, emotional, spiritual or mental. In addition, stress, worry or overwhelmed feeling is also toxins addition to clutter.

We should start with clearing old clutter, which may be holding us from getting new beautiful chances this year. This clutter could be anything physical. For example, cleaning your house is a perfect chance to find something you have lost, to clean any leftover mess and doing the body exercise at the same time.

I struggle a lot to clear clutter from my house, emotions and relationships. I was afraid that I will not have enough if I throw away UNUSED clutter, toxic people around. I used to think that if I don’t stress or worry about my future, for my loved ones, then I will not be able to achieve some of my goals.

This year, you should also think about clearing toxic relationships. So many people can take us into their negativity, but you should remember that it’s happening only because we allow them to drag us down. You can change your reality perspective, if you start writing, why you should be and feel grateful. If you think that you don’t have anything to be thankful for, remember that you can say “Thank you” for water, air, food, family…

It took a lot of time for me to understand that I was holding myself back with all this clutter.

If you become thankful for the smallest things in life, a lot of great things are going to happen. By doing this technique, you will also eliminate mental- toxic thoughts like stress and worries. If you start to believe that everything is happening to a greater good, you will accept that everything happens for some good reason. If you’re worried about something, just ask yourself how does your worry help you? If you’re having a panic attack, ask yourself: “How many times have I died from fear of being afraid?”.

You must have heard that people say “My diagnosis was the best thing that has happened to me”. It’s because they’ve discovered meditation, relaxation and many other techniques to relieve their pain. All in all, it’s because people don’t have anything to lose, so they live in present and leave past where it is belonging – in the past.

Once I throw all physical clutter from house, my house started blooming with positive happy energy. I felt good again to come back to my house.

Are you ready to expand your capabilities? Then leave fear behind and start clearing clutter!!!!