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Ask and You Shall Receive :)

I have a lovely daughter. She loves ice-cream, go to beach and loves to have play-dates or dinner-date. She keeps asking me to have ice-cream and play-date until she gets it or some other perks.

I kept thinking, it's true, ask and you shall receive. As kids, we were non-judgmental and didn't think twice before asking for gifts or treats.... When did we stop asking? When did we stop believing that we can ask and we will receive it?

As kids, we are closer to the source. This means that we react with love and we are not afraid. You must have heard that, if you put the baby in the water, baby will swim and breathe normally. The babies can't drown because they don't have thoughts and fears like adults. The same thing happens when we ask for something we want. No matter if that is something material, or we are answering confidently that we want to become a famous singer or actor/ actress when we grow up.

I had this whole conversation with myself, what happened? Why I stopped asking? Why I stopped looking at what I really have fun with? Do you remember when was the last time you really wished something and it turn out to be true? Then you considered yourself as lucky to have it and thank God that you asked for it.

The main reason is in our surroundings, relatives, friends. If you said that one day you will become a novel writer, they would react ironically and later tell you to do something more stable and serious. If you wanted to climb to the tree, they were telling you: “Be careful, you will fall”. If you wanted to invent something new, they were telling you: “That is a nonsense”.

And what had happened next? We became one of them. Now we react out of fear and say these things to ourselves and our children because we want to help them, keep them safe, give them the examples which we consider as normal, realistic and good.

Now we have judgments, mindset and beliefs that we shouldn't have everything we would like to have. We don't believe that it's possible to live in a happy world while the world has become a disaster. We have decided to see things in a pessimistic way.

Most of us has self-doubts and thoughts that we don't deserve anything. Especially while everybody around is suffering, so we put ourselves in the last place. Let’s not forget that we don’t have right to change someone else, but we can change ourselves and our perspective. Remember that you always can look at the same thing in two or more completely different ways.

When you reach your inner peace and raise your vibration, people will come to you and ask how you did it. Show them on your example that you can have everything you want without hurting someone else, as well without taking and stealing from somebody else. At the end, if you don’t get what you thought that was best for you, don’t be frustrated. There is something above us which sees a “larger picture”. Just let yourself in, and believe that everything happens for some greater good.


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