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EFT Tapping meditation for Anxiety of Corona virus outbreak

Welcome to tapping meditation for anxiety over corona virus outbreak.

The intention of this tapping meditation is to reduce anxiety and your body's reaction to the news or social media posts on virus outbreak, so that you can stay calm & have peace with your body and take necessary action peacefully with awareness.

Before you start this tap along meditation, notice how your body reacts to this virus outbreak, where the anxiety is stored in body, it could be congestion in chest, pain or fear/empty feeling in stomach, it could be neck/shoulder pain... so where and how it is showing in your body.

Tune into this anxiety, emotions and physical reaction to this anxiety

Let's begin with deep breath. breath in - slow breath out.

while tapping you can repeat after me aloud or in your mind, or you can just focus on the words & physical sensation of anxiety

Karate chop point - Side of Hand:

Even though I am really scared, there is all this new stuff happening in my life, anxiety & fear over corona outbreak in the world, this is unfamiliar And I just don’t know if it is okay, I acknowledge how i feel and my emotions, and i give my body permission to relax

Even though this doesn’t feel safe and news feels fearful and overwhelming, I honor this feeling and choose to relax

Even though this feeling of anxiety all around, i don't like how this feels, it is scary situation, I honor and accept my feelings, I allow my body to relax deeply

Now tapping on each point, we give voice to this feeling, if body can talk then what & how it will describe this anxiety

Eyebrow: All this anxiety

Side of eye: The social media, news is overwhelming

Under eye: all of these uncertainty, these fear

Under nose: I can't take this anymore

Chin: It's making me anxious

Collar bone: my body is always in panic mode

Under Arm: it is on high alert even over sound of a sneeze

Top of head: with this tapping, i become more aware of how my body feels in this situation

Eyebrow: I see the posts of people affected by this virus

Side of eye: and i feel more anxious

Under eye: I feel sunken feeling in my stomach

Under nose: I can't breath fully

Chin: my mind is full of thoughts and issues

Collar bone: related to this Outrageous outbreak of corona virus

Under Arm: I can’t get out of this stress

Top of head: I acknowledge this stress and how it is impacting my body

Eyebrow: part of me wants to release this stress

Side of eye: but another part of me feels it is necessary to keep me safe

Under eye: what is happening around is so scary

Under nose: but may be with precaution i can avoid any harm

Chin: and release stressing my body over this, i am safe in this moment

Collar bone: I understand somethings are out of my control, there is uncertainty

Under Arm: so by focusing on what is in my control

Top of head: and i can release the rest, I chose to relax

Eyebrow: With this i give my body permission to relax

Side of eye: i can take a break from this stress, releasing this remaining stress

Under eye: be present in this current moment, being aware of now

Under nose: completely present in right now & right here

Chin: I am fine and healthy

Collar bone: I am safe

Under Arm: I am strong

Top of head: I have been through so much in life

Eyebrow: this will pass too, I will make it through this

Side of eye: I focus and choose on action what i can control

Under eye: I release the rest

Under nose: I choose to convert any remaining anxiety, fear

Chin: into better precaution and self-care

Collar bone: I choose to relax my body

Under Arm: I choose to relax my mind

Top of head: I am supporting my immune system, I am strong

Eyebrow: I allow this remaining anxiety, fear

Side of eye: I choose to release while tapping

Under eye: the more i tap, the more i feel relaxed

Under nose: it is getting easier to pass through this

Chin: I’m feeling much calmer now

Collar bone: Feeling much more in control

Under Arm: Feeling like all is well in this moment, I am okay

Top of head: I am calm, centered, and peaceful

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