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Four Thumps to boost Energy and Immune system

Tapping or massaging “Four thumps” is a wonderful, quick and easy way to push the “reset” button for body’s energy system.

I find this “four thumps” is very helpful to do in morning, best way to start my day or in afternoon when I start to drag and need something to pick-me-up whenever feel low energy.

With my kid, I realized that these thumps can help kids cope with school stress or presentation or performance, give a quick boost to energy. It is like “reset” button to “recharge your batteries”.

In nutshell, It helps

  • Stimulate energy

  • Natural energy boost to “recharge your batteries”

  • Increase vitality

  • Ground your energies

  • Boost your immune system

Below image shows four acupoints. You firmly massage or tap these points to reset energy flow. For me, thymus and spleen point initially very sore. However, after few days it lessened. So, any acupoint is sore then stimulate them by massaging, the soreness will lessen over few days.

Let’s learn what are these four thumps or four tapping points.

Stomach meridian point: (Under the Eyes on the Cheekbones: Grounding)

This acupoint under eye on cheekbones directly affect stomach meridian or energy pathway. Tap on this point vigorously with 2 or 3 fingers.

This energy pathway travel down the body and out by 2nd toe, thus tapping this acupoint we connect with earth energy, literally charging body with earth’s magnetic energies.

Collar-bone point (K-27): Locate the U-shaped or collar bone on top of your breastbone, move down about an inch to find the soft spot to massage or tap.

These are the endpoints for kidney meridians.

Crossing your hands while massaging or tapping these points has additional benefits of emulating energies crossing at the neck. Massage or tap (for 15-20 seconds) while taking 3-5 deep breath, breath-in through nose and breath out through mouth.

These points help activate healing energy of the body and help clear the chest cavity and open up respiration, they also reduce stress and help balance the thyroid. So, start tapping…

Thymus Gland point:

Massage or tap firmly, with one or both hands with fingertips or knuckles on the thymus gland.

According to Dr. John Diamond, author of Life Energy, the thymus gland controls the life energy of the body.

Massage or tap firmly on this point for 15-20 seconds while taking 3-5 deep breath, breath-in through nose and breath out through mouth.

The Thymus gland is responsible for boosting the T-cells in your immune system. When you’re sick, the Thymus shrinks. So start tapping this point now….

For kids make it fun like think of Tarzan or Ape, and start thumping… do the Tarzan Thump.

Spleen Neurolymphatic point:

Tap the Neurolymphatic Spleen points, beneath the breasts and down one rib, for at least 15 seconds or tap the Spleen acupoint (four inches down from the arm pits).

Tapping or rubbing the Spleen Neurolymphatic Points removes toxins, fights infection, modulates blood chemistry and hormones, reduce dizziness and stress, and helps metabolize food.

It is good to massage these points after food, it help increase digestion.

HOW OFTEN SHOULD I DO ENERGY TAPPING? Since you are facing lots of different levels of stress on a daily basis, you need to continually help your body’s energy system reset and re-balance. It is a good practice to do it every morning at least and do more as needed.

How often? At first, you may need to tap many times through the day – upon waking in the morning, around meal time (remember, this helps your metabolism) and whenever you feel your energies low.

It’s like brushing your teeth – some sort of daily regimen is needed. Try it for yourself – When you feel like Dying, Do 10 more!!!

Let me know how this energy tapping works for you.