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Healthy Mindset helps in Difficult time – How to keep healthy Mindset?

We are going through difficult time, our planet and energy around is shifting. I believe, we are going through a shift, energy of all being (we – humans, animal, plants/trees, planet) is shifting, it could be major or bit of a shift.

For me, generally I had thoughts like I don’t have enough Me, quality family time, creativity-hobby time…. So, in a way this pandemic time brings opportunity to have all these fulfilled. However, it is possible only if we have HEALTHY MINDSET. How do we keep healthy mindset, keep ourselves grounded, at a balanced place? Is it even possible? There is lots of fear around, turn on social media, news, it is all talking about Covid-19.

I say, YES, it is possible to have healthy mindset even in this difficult time. First, accept and allow the thought that it is normal to feel fear, panic or negative in this difficult time. Second, acknowledge these feelings and emotions, how to safely acknowledge and let go of these thoughts? It is a journey, it is mindfulness and bringing ourselves back to present moment, in the body completely. Feel completely present, you see your body, it is still safe, and you are taking all precautions to keep it safe. So, in the present moment, let go of the fear and panic, be gentle and compassionate towards yourself and body.

Below are few ideas to keep Healthy Mindset, which helps me as well:

  1. Practice mindfulness: - be present in current moment, when you live in present you are living in meditative mindset. I know it is difficult, but practice whenever you feel fear or panic or find yourself living in past or in future projection. It is good to plan for future however live in present.

  2. Use healing tools like Reiki: - If you are reiki practitioner then it is good idea to start and end your day with self-healing.

  3. Keep your body moving: - gentle yoga or stretch to start the day, gives a boost to body to keep it going for the Day.

  4. Listen to Music: - oh this one is my favorite, since when I do yoga or even reading, I love to listen slow old-time music. While working on blogs or computer, there is slow music on, it calms the running mind a bit.

  5. EFT or Tapping: - EFT is a great self-help tool and it is easy to do as well. If you know EFT then tap on negative emotions to balance thoughts & calm your mind.

  6. Me time: - this is a must to do activity every day. Spend some time with yourself, at least 10 minutes and look inwards for any solution. Respect your body, mind and emotions. Spend quality time with yourself. Remember, me time does not mean social media or news or Netflix time. It is a quiet time with you and your emotions. Connect with yourself.

  7. Hobby time: - yes, this is best time to be creative and follow your passion. I have started writing, doodling and painting. Do what you love to do and be crazy creative, crazy crafty.

  8. Family and Friends time: - Call your family and friends, spend some time with them, talk to them. This is a great bonding time, to feel loved and show love & respect. Talk to loved ones, it will make you feel less anxious about the change going around. I even noticed my old school friends name and number in my social media account or phone directory and believe me it is fun to talk to them after a long time.

  9. Self-healing: - practice any stress management tool you know like meditation, breathing or pranayama, reiki, EFT, or yoga… any tool which brings balance between mind, body and soul.

  10. Reading: - I started reading marathon with my daughter, and it is still ongoing. It is fun to have this kind of activity with kids, where they also enjoy spending time reading with you.

  11. Declutter: - last but not least, declutter home, kitchen, mind…. Organize the shelfs, books, look into corners which are cleaned only in spring cleaning (sorry, but I have such corners, and now I know why my house is always full), get cleaning.

These are some ideas which helps me, please share your ideas as well. Please know that we are all together in this difficult time, and it shall pass. Thanks for reading blog, love and blessings.